Koi Pond Linings


How do we Fibreglass line Ponds??

Having been carrying out Fibreglass Linings to Koi Ponds for over 40 years my chosen method is to prime the rendered surface, apply 600gm matting, thoroughly soak with Polyester Resin and roll using lambs wool rollers, when cured apply a resin colour coat, when this is cured using orbital sanders sand all surface areas smooth.

We then apply a topcoat consisting of special chemicals that stop the Polyester Resins from leaching harmful chemicals that can harm your fish.

Please allow to fully cure for 7 days, wash all areas of pond, clean water from Pond and fill.


Fibreglass Roof Linings


Our system consists of applying Polyester Resin Primer to the Roof Boards, we then apply 2 layers of 45ogm matting, when this is fully cured we sand the surfaces using orbital sanders, we then apply our top coat, from your choice of colour.

The system is unaffected by extreme levels of ultraviolet and remains flexible in temperatures below -50 degrees centigrade.

It is a one piece, seamless, weather proofing system, advanced technology has ensured adhesion to high risk areas such as drain pipes, vents etc with no risk of leaking.


Gutter and Gully Linings

We clean and prepare all gutters and apply a fibreglass lining of one layer of Fibreglass matting, when this is cured we apply the topcoat, giving a long lasting trouble free solution to your damp internal problems.

Concrete gutters on properties have caused dampness problems to the internal walls over many years, our system guarantees the total eradication of this and gives you a damp free solution to the internal walls for life.















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