• We carry out Fibreglass Linings to Flat Roofs, Gullies, Shower Rooms, Wet Rooms, Planters, Koi Ponds, Water Features, Bund Linings and Tank Linings.
  • Any requirements you may have for water proofing we can assist you with.
    We also carry out complete refurbishment works within the building industry.
  • When carrying out Lining of Flat Roofs etc we also offer the service of replacement Fascia Boards and Guttering.
  • We Fibreglass Line in situ or apply Paint Coatings that are resistant to Oil, Water, Chemical and fuels in any Tank or Bund.
  • With over 50 years experience within the Industrial Fibreglass industry we now bring our expertise to the domestic markets.
  • Martin Petchey began working in the Fibreglass Industry for Ginetta Cars in Witham in 1962 building the G3, He is now best known for his experience in the Boat Building Industry.
  • In 1972 he built 6 Flying Dutchman Yachts for the Olympics that year in Kiel, Germany, Rodney Pattisson went on to win Gold in 1 of the boats built by Martin.
  • In 1995 Martin worked for the infamous Colvic Craft who built the Clipper Yachts for the round the World Races, Martin was involved in the building of Hulls and Decks.
  • We have been Fibreglassing lining Koi fish ponds for over 40 years, within the Koi Fish Industry our partners are Steve Pasternoster of Deben Koi in Ipswich, working together with our joint experience enhances the quality of any project we may be involved with, For all your Koi Fish requirements please visit there website www.debenkoi.co.uk.